<![CDATA[Freely Independent - Home]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2016 16:25:45 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[The Onion Shed]]>Fri, 11 Jul 2014 03:17:17 GMThttp://freelyindpendnt.weebly.com/home/the-onion-shedDo you ever think back on a pleasant memory and find it so vivid you almost feel like you are back there? Maybe a smell, or item brings your memory into clear focus on the past. I have a series of fond memories all tied to a place, a pole barn in the middle of a dusty field called The Onion Shed.
This particular farm belongs to a sweet, caring family who used to farm onions. In fact they were one of the largest onion farms around. On their farm, they have a building where they house farm equipment, and during harvest, gobs of onions waiting to be transported out to grocery stores all over. This shed, and this farm hold some of my favorite young adult memories. Memories of friends, country dances, Bible study and conversation, ATV's, horses, bonfires, overnight sleepovers, but mostly the feeling of home from the first moment you arrive.

The first time I went out to the Robbs' farm, I barely knew anyone, but was welcomed immediately into a group of young adults around my age, who accepted me no questions asked, a rarety in today's world. I was invited to dance the looooooonnnnggggeeeessssttttt dance in the world, the Tennessee Reel, which literally takes a minimum of 30 minutes for the one dance. It was fast-paced as this long line of jostling dancers swirl around in do-si-do's, sashaying up and down the line, rosy-cheeked faces beaming with the fun of the dance, and the warmth of so much movement. 

I didn't know really any of the dances, yet some of the girls took me out and taught me the fun of things like Cotton-Eyed Joe, and the Cupid Shuffle. Well brought up country gents would ask me to dance, just as they would any girl there to be sure everyone went out at least once. So much of the pettiness, and immaturity so common today was left out on the highway and traded for clean fun, and camaraderie. Such a wonderful time!

I remember staying the night, girls in the house, boys in the barn, and spending the next day riding horses, playing games, riding the ATV's (my first and so far only time), and just fellowshipping with other Christians in a simple yet fulfilling way. I am still to this day friends with so many I met there, because no matter how far the military may take us from home, we all remember and treasure those times together. 

I am caught in remembrance of this place today for a sad reason. I have learned that the farm has, like many, come onto hard times, and the bank is trying to take it away. These beautiful people work hard to raise healthy, grassfed beef, truly pastured chickens for eggs, and so many other crops as healthily as possible. It is the kind of farm we should fight to sustain, not throw under the bus to some huge corporation who will poison the soil, and the animals with chemicals and factory farming conditions. 

I am including a link to their gofundme page. Please take a moment and read their plea for yourself. Think about whether there is anything you can do, or anyone you know who may be interested in helping them stay afloat. As anyone who has had a need knows, every little bit helps! 

Thank you for reading this. Please pray about it, and share the information with others!
<![CDATA[Learning to Blog]]>Sun, 06 Jul 2014 04:40:17 GMThttp://freelyindpendnt.weebly.com/home/learning-to-blogSo I've finally done it, I've started a blog. Following blogs for years on a range of subjects has inspired many projects and now it is my turn to share some awesomeness with the world. I can only hope that the information I share with you in the coming years will prove as valuable as so many others have been to me.

Since I am so interested in such a variety of subjects, I couldn't pick just one area to share about. I mean who has just one thing to talk about right? The areas of content in the posts you will see here will vary a bit based on whatever is going on in our lives at the moment. Changing subjects quickly is a particular talent of mine which should take us all for a crazy ride. So hang on and follow along. Let's see where this goes :D]]>